DT is a California lifestyle brand inspired by travel and adventure. Experience the positive impact of culture and beauty in the world with our brand.


We decided to start this brand to share the unique experiences that we have been exposed to through travel. Traveling through five continents and countless countries, we have had the opportunity to explore and discover adventure…from the large cities of Sydney and Singapore to the rural jungles of Vietnam and the Brazilian Amazon. Through these trips, we have learned the power of travel, positive impact of culture, and the role we each play in society.


This clothing brand represents the adventures and journeys found while discovering new places. Each adventure further enriches our lives and the lives of those we encounter. To push ourselves to the outer limits requires us to be comfortable with the ambiguities that life may bring. Through these new encounters we grow and discover more about ourselves and the world around us. Our adventures have included new experiences such as diving among colorful marine life in the clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia and Ko Phi Phi, Thailand. We have sped through the jungles of Vietnam on motorcycles and cruised along the winding roads of Tuscan wine country in Italy. Through these adventurous moments, our desire to explore has continued to grow…we find ourselves wanderlusting for more.


Travel makes you a well-rounded person and an experienced global citizen. Throughout our visits to foreign lands, we have been inspired by the beauty and rich history of civilizations and traditions. Our foundation is rooted in respect for countries, culture, and nature.

Lifestyle (fashion too…)

As a Santa Barbara native and current resident of Southern California who has traveled the world, our founder has been inspired by the laidback California lifestyle. At the same time, the power and experiences of travel have inspired the clothing line to be comfortable and adventure-friendly, while providing a relaxed stylish look. Our essentials provide all global citizens the opportunity to experience the richness of culture and adventure.

Distant Tribes stands for unity and a shared interest to explore and wander. Everyone is welcome to join the Tribes! We represent:

  • Traveling the globe discovering new countries and cities around the world.

  • Adventures acquired from traveling that push experiences to new levels.

  • Cultures that represent the rich diversity of our world.

  • The California lifestyle that has transcended any one area and is seen worldwide.

  • Fashion that represents adventure, travel, and culture made for everyone, but especially travelers!